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Frankfurt Air Cargo Forum sends optimistic signals – PART 1

Global air cargo has been on a downturn for almost 1.5 years, as evidenced by figures from IATA and quarterly results from leading airlines and logistics companies. Yet, there was no sign of wailing and gnashing of teeth at the Frankfurt Air Cargo Forum (ACCF). In addition to a few critical remarks, industry representatives and experts presented many encouraging perspectives. Not only for Frankfurt (FRA) as an air cargo location, but for the industry as a whole. Here are key takeaways. More are to come in PART 2.

ACCF: From challenge to challenge – PART 2

Exactly one year ago, Ashwin Bhat, then still CCO of Lufthansa Cargo, spoke of a post-pandemic situation and the new normal in which airfreight found itself. Today, 12 months later and in his new role as CEO of the cargo airline, he speaks of “uncertainty as being the new normal”. The industry lurches from one challenge to the next, he exclaimed during the Frankfurt-held Air Cargo Conference last week, naming inflation, consumer reluctance, and the downturn of core markets - predominantly China - as evidence of this thesis.

LOGISTIK HEUTE: 8. Air Cargo Conference: Luftfracht im Zeichen der Drohne

Auf dem Luftfracht-Kongress im Frankfurter HOLM standen autonome Logistik, physische und digitale Flughafen-Infrastrukturen, Nachhaltigkeit und Neuigkeiten vom Standort Frankfurt im Fokus.

MMLogistik: Neuer Geschäftsführer für die Air Cargo Community Frankfurt

Joachim von Winning übergibt den Staffelstab der Geschäftsführung der ACCF an Felix Toepsch. Hier die Details.

AIRCARGONEWS: New executive director at Air Cargo Community Frankfurt

Felix Toepsch has been appointed as executive director of Air Cargo Community Frankfurt (ACCF) to replace Joachim von Winning who is returning to Fraport.

AIRCARGONEWS.COM: History Alive In Pictures

Sometimes a picture can tell more than one story. Here is the new Executive Board of Air Cargo Community Frankfurt (ACCF). From left Michael Hoppe, who also shines as Board Chairman and Director of Board of Airline Representatives in Germany or (BARIG), Dr. Tobias Riege (Riege Software), Susanne Klingler-Werner (UPS Supply Chain Solutions), Henning Dieter (Swissport Cargo Services Germany), Dr. Pierre-Dominique Prümm (Fraport) and Dietmar Focke (Lufthansa Cargo). Best of luck to all!

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