We are a strong community

Together, we want to operate successfully and profitably. By combining our know-how and our professional interaction, the airfreight location of Frankfurt Airport will guarantee its leading position.

We are the airfreighters

Join the community. Shape the future. Share the success.

We are an active community which operates successfully together. The competitiveness of all members will be enhanced. Frankfurt Airport strenghtens its leading position in Europe.

New ways of thinking. New paths. New developments.

Combining our joint interests, we achieve increased efficiency and added value at Frankfurt Airport. As a result, we sustainably consolidate our leading position in the global market.

We are FRA


We are fast. New standards of efficient airfreight processing enable a fully-automated and integrated process across all interfaces.


We are reliable. Maximum quality, safety and sustainability is our benchmark for all airfreight processes and products.


We are active. Our strong community gives Frankfurt an united and influential platform. Thus, we are able to communicate the efficiency of airfreight at FRA.

We are one community

Air Carco Community Frankfurt Organization

We bundle competencies

We are continuously identifying issues and trends which are important for the community. We master these together in competence teams.