Tschirch will lead the newly elected Board

Patrik O. Tschirch will replace Harald Gloy as the Chair of the Executive Board – Susanne Klingler-Werner and Dr. Pierre Dominique Prümm will join the Board

Our members re-elected four of their six Board members at a virtual General Assembly at the end of November. Susanne Klingler-Werner, Managing Director of UPS Supply Chain Solutions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia, is joining the Board for the first time. The appointment to office was confirmed for Patrik O. Tschirch, Managing Director of LUG aircargo handling. Michael Hoppe, Secretary General at Barig, who represents the position of the airlines, had his mandate renewed, as did Dr Tobias Riege, Managing Director of Riege Software. He represents the other service providers.

Both founding members, Fraport and Lufthansa Cargo, each appointed one Board member. Harald Gloy, Board member for Operations at Lufthansa Cargo, will also continue in this role for the next term of office. Dr. Pierre Dominique Prümm will be replacing his Fraport Board colleague Michael Müller due to internal changes of responsibility.

Following the General Assembly, the Board elected Patrik O. Tschirch as Chair. He will take over the leadership from Harald Gloy.

The Board is therefore made up of Patrik O. Tschirch, Dr. Pierre Dominique Prümm, Susanne Klingler-Werner, Harald Gloy, Michael Hoppe and Dr. Tobias Riege.

Patrik O. Tschirch has many years of experience in the air cargo sector with various airlines. In 2011, he took on responsibility for the Sales division at the freight handler LUG in Frankfurt and has been leading the company as its Managing Director since 2013. Patrik O. Tschirch not only represents the location of Frankfurt, where he has very strong networks. Since the very beginning, he has also been committed to the Board of Air Cargo Community.

I would like to introduce the two new Board members to you in more detail. Susanne Klingler-Werner of UPS Supply Chain Solution  represents the freight forwarders members group. She has worked for her employer for 15 years in various management roles. In 2017, she became Managing Director of UPS Supply Chain Solutions in Germany and Austria and she is also responsible for Switzerland and Scandinavia. There are few women in management positions in our industry. I therefore see it as a positive sign that another woman has joined the ranks of the Board now that Anke Giesen (Fraport) has left.

Dr. Pierre Dominique Prümm has worked for Fraport in various management positions since 2006. Since last year, in his capacity as the Executive Board member for Aviation and Infrastructure, he has been in charge of Flight Operations and Terminal Management, Corporate Security and Central Infrastructure Management. He supports Patrik O. Tschirch on the Board as his deputy.

Two Board members have left the Board during the re-election process. Götz Wendenburg, Station Manager at DHL Global Forwarding, did not stand for re-election. His critical yet nonetheless always constructive spirit helped the Community to make strong progress. I would like to offer him my warmest thanks for this. Michael Müller, Fraport's HR Director, also left the Board. Fraport and the entire air cargo community in Frankfurt have very close links to one another. Michael Müller has been instrumental in discussions amongst all partners, and I would like to give him my thanks for this.

What can you as members expect from the new Board? Shortly before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the previous Board had started a strategic process to further develop the Air Cargo Community and this work then had to be interrupted. Since our Community was founded, seven years have passed and it is now time to re-evaluate some of our topics. This strategic process will again be addressed by the Executive Board. With regard to this, I would like to pass on a request from Patrik O. Tschirch: He invites all members to actively participate in the future of our Community by contributing ideas and suggestions.

I wish the new and re-elected Board members a good start to their two-year term of office. I am certain that they will continue to strengthen the cooperation within our Community.

Joachim von Winning